Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Leadwomen top 3

KT Desantis
Marathon 5:04
SR50 bike- 5:22
Total: 10:26
 Went 52:12 and placed second at last years Leadwoman series so she knows what it takes here. She ran nearly 30:00 faster in the marathon and 30:00 faster in the SR50 races from last year. She's obviously buckled down and made some changes. This girl is strong and consistent. Definitely a favorite if she improves equally on the 100 bike and run.   

Molly Johnson
Marathon 5:17
SR50 bike- 5:12
Total: 10:31

Lisa Erikson
Marathon 5:27
SR50 run 10:30 (equivalent) 6:00
Total: 11:27
  She has the talent and drive to win this. If not this year, in the future for sure. She's a fighter and she's fearless... two things that I have mad respect for.
 1:01 behind KT and I suspect that KT will put even more time on Lisa in the 100 bike... but KT ran 29+ hours in the 100 last year. Lisa is capable of putting 3 hours in to her on that run. Lisa can take this.


Andy said...

If number two can run the 100 without being paced by a bicycle between treeline and fish hatchery (both directions) again this year, then number three can easily beat her.

Lucho said...

That and illegal crewing and stashes of stuff out in the woods.
I agree completely though! #3 has a real shot here.

Chris Holbrook said...

I don't see the original post, so I'm asking here. Did you sign up for Boulder? I did. My first full. I'm really excited.

Stay Vertical said...

Go Lisa. A great person with one of the best attitudes you will ever see. Pulling for you from Idaho,
Jeremy and Brandi