Saturday, August 24, 2013

Leadman 2013 + HUGE congrats to Scott Jaime

Women's results:
1. Molly Johnson
2. Pamela Nielsen 49:36
3. Kt Desantis 50:10
4. Lisa Erikson 51:58

 Mens results:
1. Travis Macy 26:20 (new record by 1:25!)
Here's a great interview with Travis.
2. Bob Africa 36:57 (also under the old record)
3. Luke Jay 37:47 Solid solid race series and Luke capped it off with a stellar 100 run, like Travis it was his first!

 This year's race was crazy competitive and I think it will continue to bring studs out to test themselves.

 And Scott Jaime set an FKT on The Colorado Trail today!!! The man is a BOSS. Awesome work out there Scott.


Luke Jay said...

thanks for sweet sticker !

Stay Vertical said...

Congrats to my friend Lisa E. What a character!

Content please, sir. Still thinking Boulder 100? I want to see pics from runs at 3am. We all want the obsessed train-aholic to inspire us again.