Monday, July 15, 2013

Leadman 2013 Silver Rush 50

 Saturday was the Leadville Silver Rush 50 mile mountain bike and run...
My Leadkids rocked it again this week! Lisa was 2nd Leadwoman in the 50 run behind a girl who was caught cheating. All my 50 mile mountain bikers rode fast, safe and smart. Up next is the 100 mile mountain bike in 26 days. I'm super excited to get back out on the course for these guys and girls. They're really an amazing bunch of dedicated and just plain GOOD people.

A few pics from the weekend.

Shoe change means a chip change. We rocked it.
Photo: Rob Timko

Lisa... 2nd Leadchica at the 50 run.
Photo: Rob Timko

Photo: Rob Timko

Photo: Rob Timko

 I make every one of my cyclists carry a pink umbrella.
Photo: Michelle Vallejo

 Top 5 men at Leadman...

Travis Macy-
SR50- 4:07
Marathon- 3:38
Total- 7:45
 Clearly a total bad-ass. Travis rode 4:07 in the 50 bike which is just ridiculous. I talked to him and he said he struggled... if 4:07 is him struggling then if he feels even OK for the 100 bike he should ride in the ~7:30-7:45 range which will dominate any other Leadman. Mad huge respect.  

Marco Peinedo
SR50 run- 7:24 = 4:22
Marathon- 3:58
Total- 8:20
 Leadville local. DNF'd at the 100 run his first try. He has a demon which is only going to get bigger and meaner during Leadman. He chose to run the 50 so his conversion puts him at ~4:22. Strong runner but he's going to lose two hours or more to Travis in the 100 bike. He'll first need to finish the 100 run and then also run amazing to catch Travis. But I'm not even sure that "amazing" is good enough to catch Travis.

Bob Africa-
SR 50- 4:34
Marathon- 4:04
Total- 8:38
 Husband of Darcy who just crushed Hardrock. Solid marathon and solid 50 bike so the guy is an all around stud. He's run 21:33 at the Leadville 100 run. He bikes very well and has the Leadville 100 run big buckle so this guy is the real deal. A definite threat if Travis has a bad day.

Luke Jay-
SR50- 4:28
Marathon- 4:11
Total- 8:39
 Totally in the hunt. Solid cyclist obviously and his marathon was great. If he rides well in the 100 and then kills the run he'll be right there in August.

Donnie Haubert-
SR50- 4:54
Marathon- 4:11
Total- 9:05
 I talked to Donnie a couple times this weekend and it seemed like he struggled with the technical course of the 50... but the 100 bike ain't technical so I can see him riding much better (relatively) in the 100 bike. The kids got a big engine and he's best at the only event that matters... the 100 run. Another cool guy and he get's bonus points for sweet tats.


RUNssel said...

Rob's shots are sick. Love 'em.

GZ said...

In addition to your Leadkidz doing well, some hairy old guy did well under yer tutelage over on some hunk of granite to the east. You are doing good work man.

Lucho said...

Ya man... you impressed me more than you did yourself. Solid work my brother and I know you can and will go better on the big girl.

Andy said...

A most awesome weekend for the LM Team and we are all still in it. Thanks for being out there for us!

Lucho said...

Andy- No man, thank you! You are why I do this and seeing you kill it is pure bliss to me. You did every bit of the work. Hugging you at the finish and seeing how happy you were... amazing. Something I'll remember forever. You rode awesome my friend. And it's only going to get better! Being there when you guys cross the line at the 100 run is going to be really quite cool (to under state it)

brownie said...

Liar. Runners don't cheat, only cyclists do that.

Rob Timko said...

The Mountain Ministry of Silly Sunglasses is an exclusive group.

Luke Jay said...

i totally left my umbrella at home...blowing it.

jameson said...

all this leadman talk is awesome... it's something I'm gonna have to do and I'm pretty sure who'll I want to coach me!

I am pulling for my homeboy Luke Jay. I raced Xterra with him for years and he's a good dude with a great attitude.

Lucho said...

Luke- Good to meet you on Saturday. Nice going out there!

James- Damn... you would really do well here! With your Ironman bad assness I could see you crushing it.

Patrick Garcia said...

So, my second MTB ride in 5 years about a week ago was with Donnie. I literally almost passed out when at home. He's self-admittedly not a fast descender, but he pushes one mutherfucker of a gear on the flats/climbs. Just rehashing it in my head makes me want to nap.

Lucho said...

Patrick- Ya... he'll ride very well at the 100 bike. He's got an engine which matters most.

Kiki said...

Even though I'm not one of your Leadpeeps, thanks for the cheers out there on Saturday. Nice to finally meet you since I hear all about you when out training with your racehorses!

P. said...

the beer photo sums up all things awesome.