Sunday, August 29, 2010

Sunday week recap...

Monday 0 miles.
Tuesday 0 miles.
Wednesday 0 miles.
Thursday 0 miles.
Friday 0 miles.
Saturday 0 miles.
Sunday 0 miles.

I did log about 28 IPA's for the week. Anywhere from Ranger to Torpedo. I tried to hold MAF (maximum alcoholic function) each day and I think I accomplished this. Great week. I came very close to running today but talked myself off the ledge and chopped wood instead. The very loose plan is to rest for about a month (my typical time off each year) and then start back with a Spring marathon in under 2:30. Then the Jemez 50... I feel I have some unfinished business and I think I can run well there. I am surprised at how good I feel and how motivated I am to get it on with some jogging. But alas... I'll wait until the end of September to get out for a jog. That is unless I see the bat signal in the sky and am called to help Tim who is going to crush it at the Bear 100. In terms of difficulty, Bear makes Leadville look like a puppy race over a sunshiny rainbow covered in magical pixie dust and daisies.

 In about 12 hours I am taking the wife and boys on a 7 day road trip around the amazing state of Colorado. Camping and fishing and seeing things we haven't. I'll do my best to make my next blog post "Road trip in pictures"...
 Thank you all for following along on my manic journey.


Footfeathers said...

Sounds like the perfect recovery week to me! Wish I had this week off; I'd hide in the trunk of your car for the road trip.

Definitely hope we can run together a bit before Bear. I'd like to draw some of your a abundant energy, grit, and courage. I know I need it.

Have a great week!

Dave said...

MAF is the most important indicator of performance. Looking at the front of any major international pub, however, shows that Irish-people have an unfair genetic advantage.
-Nairobi Post Gazette

Have fun on the trip! The "In Pictures" posts probably influenced my blog more than any other piece of writing out there.

Lucho said...

Tim- After Bear you can have this week.

Dave- The Nairobi Post Gazette rocks. It's the only paper I get.

Brett said...

I love these posts.

Don't get me wrong, I also enjoy reading about your piriformis entrapment neuropathy...but nothing can beat the white racist post, the post about 'doing' and building your own log cabin, and this streak post.

The posts about your family and wanting the best for your kids and worrying about it rock...its something else we can all empathize with, but that we never really discuss in the open.

Lucho said...

Thanks Brett- I wonder sometimes... I will get 15 comments about a long run and then 0 when I take pictures of the family camping. Good to hear that you like these.

jameson said...

love it!

let me know what IPA's you have been knocking and back which ones you are liking... I have A LOT of suggestions!

mtnrunner2 said...

I'll see your IPAs and raise you a Steamworks Conductor & Third Eye, Bridgeport Hop Czar, Victory Hop Devil and Hercules Double IPA :)

Vacation in the San Juans last week.

keith_S said...

Hilarious in a serious way, but I also love these type of posts! It reminds me that even hard core athletes need to "take time to smell the roses" (or the IPA in this case). As a beer connoisseur, I have been entrenched in the Russian imperial stouts and Belgian ales lately, but am learning some IPA's. I think I will try some of the Sierra Nevada stuff...

Something I read here a long time ago still sticks with me...something to the effect of "running is part of my life, it is not ALL of my life."

Good job, enjoy the rest and family!

jekirk1295 said...

I'm with Brett, love the non-running stuff you put in. We've all done a long run of some sorts, but the "building a log cabin" type post are unique. My wife and I both being teachers has afforded us the chance of traveling with our girls in the summer and those trips are building life long memories. The things you you're instilling in your boys will last a lifetime. Your unique perspective / training is what makes your blog unique.

Enjoy the week away exploring.


Anonymous said...

i always comment on your family posts. ;) therefore, you get at least +1 on family which is more than your mileage this week. yeah!

Trigirlpink said...


n8 said...

sounds like my daily training regimen before I became what scientists would then call "a bloated white mass".

GZ said...

Catching up. Yeah - I love these posts as much as the training posts. I like your music selection too but you dropped that. I like the beer selection and I have raised a couple in your name, Tim's name, JV's name, Brandon's name ... it might be bed time.