Thursday, September 2, 2010


 Sitting by the Gunnison River (in Gunnison) by our cabin for the night. The last 4 days have been pretty awesome and I've gotten to fish all of them. We had trout for dinner last night. The boys are super star travelers and Ben is loving the sights. The state of Colorado is amazing! From Pagosa Springs in the high country to Gunnison that is basically barren desert (which I also love). Durango to Silverton... that stretch of highway 550 is amazing. I think the Hardrock 100 is in those parts? I'm so completely fulfilled right now. Sitting on a river with a Twisted Pine Hoppy Boy, which is simply OK, not great... but even a bad IPA is pretty good.


PatrickGarcia said...


jameson said...

"but even a bad IPA is pretty good."

i may need a jersey, shirt, or tattoo of that...

sounds like things are good.

Matt said...

Great stuff. The world of IPA gets pretty simple once you start to really indulge. Clearly there's the good the bad and the ugly.

Mountain fishing, family and ipa. Sweet.