Friday, August 27, 2010


 Header pic... sorry for the shot of my junk. The Ruination IPA is OK. For the price though, I like the Sierra Nevada Torpedo better. I am starting to learn the subtleties of the IPAs. I became a bit of a Pinot fan for a long time and was really in to tasting everything I could. Now it's IPAs. I threw in the buckle because I can and why the hell not. It's the smooth and hoppy finish to a year where my races tasted like cheap malt liquor.
 Today I finished the French drain and also replaced some plumbing that was getting old. Our house was built in 1951 and has been brutalized and worked over by the weather. When I first saw our house I immediately loved it... because of it's tilts and slumps and sags. It's a house with personality, not some 'cookie cutter' that was built at the same time as 20 other homes exactly like it. We have been talking about buying land and building a log home from scratch with our own hands. It sounds a bit rugged but it isn't uncommon. It is ambitious which in this day and age can come across as crazy (and here is where my inner Allie Fox creeps to the surface). I want my sons to be ambitious and learn that what ever 'it' is... it's possible. I don't think we can simply say to our kids that they can 'do it'... we must show them. I want my sons to see me take on huge challenges and then struggle and fight and eventually succeed.    


Footfeathers said...

I've had this conversation several times with a friend about why I LOVE Colorado; life is just a bit more challenging here. Compared to the bland, soft existence of most other places, it has an energy and grit that is difficult to find or appreciate for most folks.
I broke out in a sweat seeing you were that buckle. You worked hard for it and it's a metaphor for your chosen life - great efforts equal great rewards and contentment.

Plus, well, the buckle is simply badass.

Brandon Fuller said...

That 1000 mile buckle is going to look even better!

Lucho said...

Agreed Tim. I see Coloradans doing things the hard way for the sheer enjoyment of the challenge too. Many places you HAVE to work hard to make a living, but here some people do it for fun.
You should break a sweat... you were a huge part of me getting it. The story of my buckle will always have your name attached to it.

Brandon- That's all you brother. No thanks for me.

Matt said...

Ditto what FF said.

And the pic is great.

It's all about IPA; more accurately, DIPA.

Such a good point about showing the boys. My dad showed me things one should NEVER show a child. That's tmi. I just hear you loud and clear.

And your boys (probably because they're boys) will want to be exactly (more or less) like you.
You know exactly what you're doing.

Lucho said...

Matt- FF is a damn smart dude.

And ya, I have 2 boys...thank GOD! I'm 39 and still have no clue what makes women tick. If I had a daughter I would be putty in her hands. With boys I can put my foot down and be a little tougher.
But tomorrow it's our first fishing trip! I'm giddy.