Sunday, March 28, 2010


Huge congrats to Beth! Wow!!!

I have been laying low for the past couple weeks trying to save some energy for the coming 21 weeks of Leadville training. I've just run when I felt like it and ran as far as my legs took me. This was anywhere from 4+ hours all the way down to the 100 feet to the mailbox.
 I got an e-mail from a fellow blogger telling me that my more laid back approach makes for a much less interesting blog. I kind of have to agree. This blog is part of my business and I can't let it slip in to a bi monthly posting. So today I strapped my HR monitor on for the first time in a very long time and ran my 11 mile route that has become my staple run. It peaks at 9100ft.
 11 miles in 1:29. Average HR 137/ max HR 158. Average pace 8:05. 1950ft of climb.
 These numbers are solid for me.


Dave said...

For whatever it's worth, I think the blog is just as interesting as ever. Maybe it's because I'm not a numbers junkie, but it's interesting to see and read more about everything that goes into your running. It's cool in that "reality" kind of way. Sure hearing about epic runs and seeing data is great, but I think it's equally cool to see stuff like cakes and snow pics! Either way I'll keep readin'!
Happy Running!

Lucho said...

Thanks Dave! I appreciate that. I think I need to a mix of both.

Meg said...

I saw that Beth mentioned you in her blog post this morning, she did a great job! Congrats to you too.

Brett said...

Just remember to be careful and not violate rules #9 and #10.

beth said...

i don't think knowing your heart rate, etc has anything to do with how interesting the blog is.

i like it the way that you are. and the way you feel like writing that day. whatever way that is.

and. thank you :)

Lucho said...

Meg- Beth is just being kind. She's a very good runner and would make any coach look good.

Brett- None of the rules are violatable. I like that word.

Beth- Thank you! You make me look good :)