Monday, March 29, 2010


 11.5 miles as a hill fartlek. Pretty fun run this morning. The objective was to run the uphills hard (between 5k and 1/2 marathon efforts) and the downs easy. The route I chose had about 20 solid ups to it ranging from 7:00 down to 30". I wore my Camelback for added weight which makes quite a bit of difference, in a good way I think. 


Matt said...

Don't let that "feedback" you got get to you. You keeping things mellow is about the best thing that can happen, cuz I think at the core you're a fiend, addicted to MORE.

"Your blog is not as interesting when you're not running regularly" is maybe the dumbest thing I've ever heard.

Apologies to the guilty party. Sorta.

Btw, the family is looking strong!
Nice work, pops.

Lucho said...

Thanks Matt- I think the fellow blogger meant that only posting every few days and not as much about my running is less interesting. I can kind of see that from a running perspective and should try to do both maybe.
Ya, I can't really do much in moderation and I don't really want to.
Thanks Matt!

Carter said...

I've followed for a long time and never get bored hearing about what you (or other readers/athletes) are doing for workouts...all are interesting, inspiring and help me think about what I am doing. The thing I've noticed post Chicago is your blog contains a little less "why". "Why" you are doing what you are doing, or "why" are you prescribing what you are prescribing for a particular athletes. That is a part of your expereince and an athlete's education that I really appreciate. It also tends to spur a bit more Q&A dialog with those reading. I'm sure it's also a bit more work;-)

Lucho said...

Thanks Carter- Ya, I changed a bit after (before really:)) Chicago. I am still a closet numbers geek but I'm finding I can balance the free mind and the data a bit.
I like questions.

footfeathers said...

I used to swear by the hydration packs (still love my Nathan pack) but started thinking about all that extra weight during races (actually before races). I've done really well wearing it in a race but usually when it's not mountainous (over 5000 ft/50k). It is nice though blowing through every aid station without skipping a beat.

Definitely great training device when full of water.

Lucho said...

Tim- definitely a pack isn't good for all races. Aid station spacing is also a factor. I don't mind the pack at all and prefer it to hand helds. 33oz H20 = 2.2 pounds. I can live with that.
I've only run one 'ultra', the 50 mile back in November, so my experience is shit (didn't I read once that you don't think a 50k is an ultra? I agree). For training though I think the pack is the only way to get adequate fluids.

Travis said...

Hello, Looking for a suggestion, I am from Maryland and need to cross from Moab to Denver and have all next weekend to do so. I want to run "not very snowy trails." How should I go and what should I stop and run.


footfeathers said...

yikes, don't raise the hair on the backs of folks by bringing up "what IS an ultra." God forbid.

For a training device I was thinking more of the weight. It's a good 6-7 lbs (mine's 70oz water bladder), add in the weight of the pack and food, camera, rocks, whatever. Train with that baby and race day feels like you're floating.

"my experience is shit"?? I'd say you burned those 50 miles up pretty good for not having experience.

Lucho said...

Tim- Ah yes, I agree completely! "food, camera, rocks" Ha! I have a MTB inner tube that is filled with sand that I either put in my Camlebak or loop around my shoulders (ala the old Tour riders who carried their own tires). The concept of running with added weight is sound and intuitive. Anytime you can make training harder than racing it's all good.

"Ultra"... If you've never run a 5k then a 5k might be an 'ultra'. If you can bust out a course record 50k (or even a 100 miler like Meltzer) on a whim, they aren't 'ultra'. The definition is "going beyond what is usual or ordinary" so I think any run is defined by the individual. I can't define it for you and visa versa.