Friday, June 12, 2009

Saturday Track group run..

Saturday morning several of us will be meeting at the Fairview track in Boulder to run an aerobic time trial.
WU) 3 miles.
400 to elevate HR.
5 mile test with average pace and HR.
Finishing with some goal race pace efforts which will be played by ear. Last time I ran an 800 at goal pace just to see where my HR was hitting, hopefully I'll build on this a little.
CD) ?

Anyone is welcome to come along. Airfare is not included in the price of the run... which is free.


dude said...


Q: What do I have to expect coming from sea level to Boulder for a week (I'll be there 06/27-07/04 - my phone is 6464681578, will have a car)?

Boulder is not that high but I guess I will be running a little slower. No big deal. Any negative effects coming back down, though? I have a track 10k 6 days after being back to sea level.



Lucho said...

What you can expect is suffering and pain. The likes of which you've never felt...
I really doubt you'll be affected too much by just 1 week, the real danger comes from the cumulative effect of weeks of hard training at altitude. Maybe some fatigue towards the end and maybe once you get back home. If you have 6 days before your 10k then you should do well in recovering. 2 things will knock you down- too much intensity or too much volume. Maybe cut your current training volume a little bit and also focus more on 10k efforts and avoid running near 5k effort. Hydrate extra, extra. I don't think you'll have a problem.

dude said...

Thanks mate, good advice to keep it at 10k pace and satisfy higher turnover needs with sprints. Mileage will be low anyway.