Friday, June 12, 2009

Friday recover 7 miles

When I penciled in yesterday's long run, nearly 3 weeks ago, I put today as a recovery day of just 6 miles. I felt awesome this morning and want to run again. If I run again then one could assume that I am smarter now than 3 weeks ago. But I will listen to a 3 week younger me and not run again. Tomorrow is my test and Sunday is a long ~12 mile fast run. I'm at 74 miles today.


Anonymous said...


Seems as though being self-coached with some mentoring from people you trust is working well. Based upon your progress, 2:20 at Chicago seems possible, especially if you put a Psychiatrist on retainer.


Lucho said...

Eric- The whole mentoring thing hasn't worked out for me. Everyone is telling to run 3 hard workouts per week and that has proven to be too much at this time. Maybe eventually I can build to that intensity. But for now I'm completely on my own. As it should be..
I wish I could afford a good sports psychologist! Right now though it's not realistic on our budget. The best I can do is read and try to figure it out on my own.
I like your view and I hope you're correct! Thanks for the good word!