Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Wednesday 12 miles.

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am) warmed up 1 mile- then ran 11.14 miles in 1:15 (6:43 pace). HR averaged 156.
Above is a map and elevation profile of the run. Anyone who has raced Boulder Peak will know this route. I had 3 miles down the back side of Old Stage/ Left Hand that were all in 5:29-5:35 per mile. This run was quite brutal and I was able to push fairly hard on the steep climbs with out my HR going above AeT.


Matt said...

That sounds/looks like a great run.

And thanks for the feedback. I will hit some trails though I'll probably have to take it easy going up to reign in the HR. I like your suggestion that I keep doing as much aerobic running as I can. And the downhill running sounds good (you and CV have mentioned that in the past).

A quick note on my work-out today. I was going to run 1:30 outside at 145-150. It went pretty well, but I cut it short to get the last 1/2hr on the treadmill to see some numbers and maybe take it easier. Outside I averaged 149HR and definitely felt quicker. I also strained my calf a little (probably from being a little lazy recently, but I think the faster pace had something to do with it).

But when I got on the mill, I couldn't get my HR up unless I really picked up the speed . . because of the turnover the calf was aggravated more. Even my MAF HR was tough to hit unless I went much faster - about a minute faster than I'm used to on the mill.

Lessons: 1)My aerobic HR shows definite improvement. 2)Because I'm running harder/faster, I have to factor that into my work-outs to prevent injury.

JK1 said...

dude. I love it. I love to see you take a step back and build again- it's that kind of guts, mentality and strength that makes you nails tough.