Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Tuesday 13 miles.

am) 5 miles very relaxed jogging to open up my capillaries and get loose. I bundled up in order to try and promote vasodilation.. something I have been reading about in regards to my sauna addiction. There is some good research that supports the benefits of being hot. More on that one later.
After the run I rested for about an hour and hydrated.. then ran:
8 miles in 47:23 (about 5:56 pace) on a rolling course in a blustery wind. HR average was 156.
No wonder yesterday felt so easy.. turns out it was! This run felt very relaxed yet quick on a few of the miles. One mile with a tail wind for a portion of it went by in 5:34. Max HR was 161. This HR intensity (~Zone 2) is what some people refer to as LSD (long slow distance).. bull shit. It's slow if you are aerobically weak!


Matt said...

I test in a couple of hours. I'll send you the data. Jasper Blake's blog reveals some of his MAF testing.
I'm pretty fascinated by the whole discussion and potential this has to really enhance health/fitness.

Lee said...

Lucho, if you know more on those studies you are referring to, can you post links to pubmed.

Lucho said...

I will have to go back and find them off of Google.. then I can post a few links.

kerrie said...

nice to see that you aren't going "psycho" (lol) on the miles! i am a big fan of the steam room(and the hot tub) - i wonder if that is any different from a sauna because of the dry vs. moist heat?