Thursday, April 3, 2008

Thursday 0 miles.

Rest day. No soreness, just fatigue. I want to hit it hard this weekend as we are going back home to Kansas and I should need to run <5:40 in order to run at my AeT at sea level.
I met with Michelle this morning in the pool to work on swim stroke and then we lifted for run specific core work. Michelle has Ironman Arizona in November and is starting from zero after not being able to run for 2 years. She has unknowingly helped me to realize how lucky I am that I have never been hurt. She is constantly battling pain yet never complains while I cry when I lace my shoes too tight. It's good to be given perspective and to learn something new after so many years in the sport.


beth said...

true. nothing like seeing someone face something truly challenging and painful to realize that our bumps in the road are just that. last summer i was in the pool and my crutches were at the end of the lane and the guy next to me had crutches too! then i saw that he was a double amputee....puts it all in perspective. my little fracture didn't seem so darn traumatic and i quickly stopped feeling sorry for myself.
on another note, i'm excited to use your 5k warm-up on sunday- thanks! quick Q-how long before the race should i aim to complete the warm-up?

Lucho said...

Ya.. we should be counting our blessings more often.
You would ideally finish your workout within 10:00 of the race start. Tough to do in bigger races! If that isn't happening then try to keep warm (body core and skin temperature) until right before the gun. Build a sweat during the warm-up and then keep bundled up a little bit.. if you can hand off your sweats to someone right before the gun that's ideal. Good luck!!! Stay tough in your head.

mwillix said...

I think you give me more credit than I deserve. And I am the one who has been blessed by all you have given me and continue to give me.
I do not know you, but your comment helps to keep my stuff in perspective too. So thank you for sharing it!
Cheers all!