Monday, January 14, 2019

Monday lift and the last few days

  Meh lift for me this morning. My left knee is a little inflamed with what me and Google have determined is arthritis. It's very mild but it's there and it makes me flinch when I consider my health. Pretty much my only goal in taking on this sprint thing was to get and be healthy and strong for the future so this makes me nervous. Pretty sure I pissed it off with jumping so that'll no longer be part of my regimen. I torqued that knee severely back in (iirc) 2010 a couple of months before I first ran the Leadville 100. Pushing a merry-go-round of all things and then struggled to hold some semblance of training for the race. Once I could bear load I'd run ~30 miles in pain and then take 5 days off or just bike. Then repeat once my knee settled down. Anyway, I suspect that knee is compromised and will need to be babied. It's not bad at all, just a mild ache/ burning and it's not in the joint itself but more on the medial tibial plateau.
  Yesterday I actually did a proper "long" run for the first time in forever and even wore a HRM. 3 miles in 28 minutes with my average HR at 143. I was a bit surprised as I expected something more like 35:00 and HR 150+. I did that in part to take it easier on my knee and also because the roads are still covered from the foot of new snow. It was interesting wearing a HRM (or even just a watch) after not wearing one for so long and the affect it had on my thinking. Not a good thing either but more a distraction and an added stressor. 

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