Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Tuesday Lift + hill intervals

Woke up motivated. I drove into town and washed my car while I waited for the gym to open at 4:30. I had the entire car wash to myself oddly enough. Super solid lift and I felt great. I haven't lifted too hard over the past couple of weeks because I wasn't running. I'm a runner, not a weight lifter and I feel that focusing too heavily on lifting won't help a runner. Strength work is a supplement. I was in the gym for an hour and focused mostly on loaded box jumps, hex bar deadlift plus 5 X 20 meter sled sprints. I do the loaded box jumps using a 16" high box, so its low, holding 20# kettlebells in each hand. Each jump is very focused and intentional with ~15" rest between while I reset. The focus is on exploding up only. I played around with offset footing or more horizontal jumps, meaning I started ~12" or so away from the box forcing me to jump forward rather than just up and I offset my feet more similar to how I come out of the starting blocks.

 Pm) Short on time so I warmed up then ran a 200 up the hill in front of my house. Not sure what the grade is but it feels solid. I'd guess maybe 5%-6%. I hit 38". Then I walked back down and ran a max effort 100 in 15". I felt the relatively brief rest since I'm at over 8000ft altitude. I was still very much out of breath and not recovered much at all. I achieved the spectacular, dare I say glorious, butt lock which I haven't felt in a long time. I think that had more to do with the heavy hip/ glute loading I did in the gym this morning.

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