Friday, January 4, 2019

Friday 1500 meter long run but what some people might call a hill workout.

  Beautiful weather today and the first time I've seen snow free roads in what feels like years. My first outdoor track race is in 23 weeks and it'll be the 200 meter. So my "long" run today, if you think about it, was relatively long. 7.5 times longer than my goal race distance so it'd basically be the same as a marathoner doing a 196.5 mile long run. It's math and science. Or one of those.
  My kids are home on X-mas break so I did this in on the hill front of my house (because I didn't want to leave them alone) which I have every 50 meters measured and marked.
Wu) A mix of hip mobility routine using my 20# (yes, 20 pounds) ankle weight. Jump rope. Kettle bell swings. 
Then 1500 meters done as:
50 meters uphill tempo.
50 meters down easy.
100 uphill tempo.
100 downhill easy.
150 up
150 down
200 up
200 down
250 up
250 down

Cd) 5:00 jump rope.

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Frank said...

I love that your cooldown is about 12x longer than your race time.