Monday, January 7, 2019

Track plus new Merlin Magia bicycle.

  After a brief hiatus, missing the past couple of weeks due to my being a weather wuss, I wanted to do a time trial. I base all of my training off my 200 meter fitness so I felt it would be good to get a sense of where I am.
 Comprehensive warm-up as always.
 100 meter flying start in 12.2". This was still more of my warm-up.
200 meter strong but not pressing in 27.7".
200 meter in 26.6" from a 3 point start edging towards max. I had more in me but I felt the effort was OK to give me an idea.
 So I lost a little but I'm still pleased with where I am for January. This was close to my PR from early last year.

Back story- way back, about a 14 years I was a sponsored by Merlin (then Quintana Roo) and I used to get 2 bikes a year from them.
 In ~2004 I sold a frame to an athlete that I was coaching. A Merlin Magia which at the time was their top of the line titanium frame. Although I feel their Extralight was/ is still the standard. I have one of those too. The Magia is a compact design and weighs 2.2 pounds but I feel is meant for a slightly lighter rider. The Magia is pretty much the same as the Lightspeed Ghisallo for the Ti bike geeks out there. I have the slightly heavier and more robust iteration called the Agilis which is still my absolute favorite bike. Anyway, he contacted me recently and said he was done with it and would like to give it back to me. I drove down yesterday and picked it up. I'll be rebuilding it and putting on some of the many extra bike parts I have, and not that I'm a weight weenie but without even really trying it'll be sub 16.

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