Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Wednesday 2019

  It's been about 1.5 weeks or so since I've run. We traveled for Christmas and the weather turned nasty and hasn't let up since. Me and my boys were stranded in Kansas where we had 40-50 mph winds during a blizzard (that started as rain) that dumped 10 inches of snow and closed all west bound roads. Then when we got home the temps up here in the mountains have been sub 20 degrees dipping into the negatives with even a slight breeze. I've been lifting but without running I've backed off on the intensity. The lift sessions have felt half hearted.
  I'm not concerned though. I'm 100% healthy, even healthier from a structural perspective, and my motivation is still high. The weather has just wrecked any semblance of training. I haven't forced it because I still have a good 6 months before I race and I'm fit now. 
 This week the weather is clearing out and I'll be back on it.

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