Saturday, December 1, 2018

Saturday Track 4 X 100

  Chilly start to the day. It doesn't happen often but it was warmer at my house (at 8000ft) than it was down in town (at 5400ft) but still a beautiful morning. The track was frosted but not slick. GZ came over to keep me company, and it was the best company. I haven't seen George since the summer track series in Boulder so it was great to catch up.
 The workout was 5-6 X 100 meters at 95%-100% speed. I started each with a rolling, 3 step start. No blocks since I did a max acceleration session on Thursday. Today was was about max velocity and short speed endurance (phosphocreatine system) Rest intervals were a little shorter because it was cold.

 I ended it at #4, and could have called it at #3, because I felt and saw on the watch (autoregulation) that I was starting to slow. Neural fatigue for sure because muscularly I felt solid. In a session where a major component is speed you won't benefit from continuing to grind out intervals at slower paces. For a session like I ran yesterday where the goal wasn't neural stimulation but rather more metabolic and strength then it's OK to grind for more. To a point.
 I'm super happy with the 12.6 interval. This time last year I was months away from this speed. If I can keep it rolling up until the first track meets of the Summer I think I'll be in a great spot.
 A couple of pics courtesy of GZ.


GZ said...

You were flying. I was maybe at 60 yards when you were finishing each rep. That is nuts.

We will work on the cool down.

Lucho said...

Thanks man. That 1/2 mile cool-down was the hardest part.