Monday, December 3, 2018

Monday lift + max acceleration

    Today was a lift and max accelerations. The gym I go to has a push sled and a gymnasium covered in artificial turf so I was able to complete 5 X 20 meter weighted sled pushes + 5 X 30 meter starts/ accelerations. In the interest of developing explosive speed and acceleration I don't load much at all on the sled. I'm more interested in speed of movement rather than raw power or strength. For that I have a big truck tire and harness that I do hill sprints with. It weighs ~75 pounds with a sandbag in it. With that my strides are super short and choppy. With the lighter sled I can still obtain the correct body position (angles similar to the first 10 steps out of the blocks) yet my stride length and knee drive more closely resembles sprint starts.

 Then I went into various leg lifts. Something like this:
Hex bar deadlift jumps- 85#. My new favorite lift. Similar to a pin squat, sort of. But there's a jump. And it's not a squat.
Loaded Bulgarian split squats in the Smith rack. Final set was 100# X 5 reps. 
Box jumps focusing a little more on the drop/ landing.
Front squat. Final set 150# X 5.
Single leg back extension. Somewhat of a hamstring eccentric.
Heavy cable wood chops- reps of 5. These are brilliant in every way.
Rear deltoid fly.
Isometric hip extension- 10", heavy loaded. This is essentially a back plank spanning between two benches with just your foot and upper back touching. This hits the upper hamstrings/ glutes (hip extension) 


Paul said...

Hi Lucho,

Endurance planet listener here. I'm intrigued by your isometric hip extension exercise as a weak running working in the gym who is somewhat limited by a knee issue that currently precludes me from doing split squats, lunges, etc. I don't see pics of the exercise you describe online (with two benches). Any chance you can find a pic and post? Thanks for your time and all the quality discussions on the podcast.


Lucho said...

Hey Paul-
There are a few pics and explanations in this article.


Paul said...

Perfect! Thank you.