Friday, November 30, 2018

Friday 5 X 200 meter hills

 38 degrees and breezy at 8200ft altitude. Great running weather though. Today was extensive tempo or longer duration intervals at ~75% with shorter rests. If I'm on the track then I calculate 75% of my 200 PR and run by time, but since I don't know my race best on this hill I went by feel. Relaxed and pretty light effort for the first few and I hit 47", 44", 45". Rest intervals were jogging easy back to the starts in 1:30-1:45. The short rests caught up to me on the last two and I hit 47", 49". All the prescriptions and programs I've been using never factor an athlete running at 8000+ ft altitude and I tend to ignore that aspect too. I should take longer recoveries but for a tempo run by effort (not time) it was fine. And just for fun I brought my altimeter on the run, 312ft of climbing for the 5 X 200 meters.
   I cut it at 5 reps because I'm on the track tomorrow running a speed endurance session, something specific to the 200 meters. The goal will be 5-6 X 100m at 95-100% efforts. Super fun workout! 

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