Thursday, September 14, 2017

Quick update

     Not much has been going on in my running realm but I've been getting out every other day doing an easy 1-3 miles. Today I did run 10 X 60 meter strides working more on form than speed. I have been lifting weights and doing plyometrics almost daily though trying to work on a power aspect. I didn't really have time to develop a consistent plyo routine this summer because running took precedent. Plyometrics, if done right, are crazy hard! I've also been experimenting with isometric loading when I lift. For example yesterday during my leg workout I did a superset that looked like this:
  Squat- 20 reps of 65 pounds with a 3 second isometric hold at the bottoms. Then went immediately into 10 box jumps with a focus on the drop. Pretty much a depth drop which activates motor units more effectively than pretty much anything else you can find. Then back to squats. Then one more set of box jumps. My legs are fried today just from that. This is more experimenting and trying to find what's going to work best for me. My plyo routine is pretty standard and I'm incorporating the medicine ball (highly underrated piece of equipment!) and also tire pulls.
    Anyway. I'm feeling great and doing what I love the most which is training! I'll get back to regular posts now that I'm actually doing something interesting.
    And my home gym is nearly done. I won't finish it much more than this, I want to keep it somewhat primitive. You can see my home made medicine ball, a basketball I bought at a thrift store for 99 cents and filled with sand from my driveway. My Bulgarian sandbag, also DIY made from a car tire inner tube. I made a box for jumps out of scrap lumber with 3 choices in height. And my squat rack made out of 4X4's with 3/4 inch bolts set through to hold the bar. I don't lift heavy enough to warrant anything more sturdy.

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