Sunday, August 27, 2017

Rest and restart

    Today is my 10th day of rest and I feel I'm ready to go again. My energy has been creeping back slowly and more importantly my mental state has come back. Once I allowed the idea of ending the season into my thoughts it was immediately clear that it was the right thing to do. My goals for the 400 have evolved into a 3 year thing, which will put me at 49 years old, so I need to be extra patient and let my body adapt at it's own pace. I don't feel I can force it as much as I used to be able to do. I did force it this summer and it ended up melting me. I had a great summer though. Running a 56" 400 just 8 weeks into the training shows potential for much more as long as I learn from my mistakes and am more patient.
     I'm going to start back tomorrow and begin the build towards the indoor track season which starts in December. My focus points will be:
 Speed. I'll be using a 200 meter training methods and concepts.
 Plyometrics, medicine ball, and tire pulls.
 Lifting. Weights are something I enjoy immensely, probably more than running, so I'll be in the weight room more.
     The "base" period for sprinting is a huge departure from the endurance world's idea of base. Tomorrow I'll be running 2 sets of 3 X 300 meters at tempo speed or about 80%. BB who has been commenting on my previous posts (and I appreciate the advice!), suggested I leave my stopwatch at home more and I couldn't agree more. I'll be using splits much less in the coming months and trying to feel the effort and speed. I think this might lessen the pressure I put on myself to perform up to an expected level which will help me to keep my mental state healthier. We'll see.


dave alford said...

Thank you for your blog posts and podcast (Endurance Planet), both are educational for an old fart just trying to stay healthy. The details are what us nerds like to read. The picture you took of your training log and the explanation of what it meant has encouraged me to keep a more detailed log myself. Continued good luck on your track goals.

Relaw said...

It's your intelligence that will see you through, as well as your humble approach to training volumes and recovery. Keep it up.

Christian D. said...

Not sure I like this no training because it looks like no blogging as well..but totally understand!

Also wanted to say that your comment on endurance planet a few episodes back about MAF being metabolic helped put things into place..err..helped a bit. Still not sure it's the correct thing for a slow runner and low mileage guy like me but think there are some benefits to it.

Went fly fishing down on the Cache la Poudre last weekend. Nice place but didn't catch much.

Have a good weekend.

Lucho said...

Dave- An athlete's training log is basically a book written about them and what works and what doesn't. You can't find a better resource to guide you!

Relaw- Thank you for the good word!

Christian- I always say muscles matter, it's muscle that moves you. Of course metabolic economy is critical but it's only one piece of the puzzle. Look at your weaknesses and focus on them.

BB said...

My training logs go back to July of 1993, when I began my masters running career. I also have my logs from high school and first year of college. Lotta memories in there, and when it comes down to it my only real coach.

I now do my speed fartlek with my GPS running, which allows me to run how I feel and look at the metrics afterwards in the form of how many reps/how long, and my top speed for short reps. It literally gives me a picture of the session that I feel as more valuable than just "2x(5x100) blah blah".