Monday, August 21, 2017

Quick update

     I was/ am extremely affected by Thursday's 400 race. Not emotionally, I can fail with the best of them and it only motivates me. Physically though I think I'm in a hole. I feel it started with the "Sanya" workout that I crushed a few weeks ago. I have felt blah ever since. Then Thursday's race just wasted me! I jogged easy on Friday for 3 miles and felt pretty good, but Saturday and Sunday I was sore, lethargic, and lacking energy. I feel a little better today, but a little better means I'm now just really tired. I gave myself a mental exercise or test of sorts this morning where I focused my thoughts only on my final 400 race coming up in two weeks including the days leading up it and what I'll need to do. Then I switched it to focusing on ending my year and resting and planning the fall training. Profoundly different emotional response which sort of guides me in the direction I should go.
     I feel it's been a long year and if I count it up, it has been. I got off the couch in January after a four year break and pushed myself back to an acceptable level. And since April I've done a crap ton of intensity! That's roughly 16 weeks or so of just sprint training and I think it might have caught up to me.
     So, I might be done racing until the indoor season starts in December. I probably won't make a definitive decision, rather I'll just wake up each day and see what happens. If time runs out then it runs out. If I get rolling again though then I'll race. It's science.


Christian D. said...

Like your thoughts on this post. Something I don't think many people do and it gets them into trouble (professional and recreational as we tend to think we need to train harder and longer with our limited time!)

Lucho said...

I've been in this place too many times to count and I usually pushed forward. The difference now is that I'm only focused on speed where with endurance it is possible to walk that line and even step over for a brief period of time.

BB said...

16 weeks with a speed focus is veerry long with any intensity. I haven't followed your early training, but from my experience with both successful sprinters and distance runners, good sprinters are far more relaxed in their overall approach to training. Since you come from a hardcore work ethic backround, I would suggest dialing the workload back at least 40% will lead to much greater long term gains. I had (talented) high school kids going from basketball to 55 in four weeks to 49.x at twelve weeks. Progression was gradual, with only a few weeks that any distance runner would consider as "adequate". When in doubt do less, but make it fun and loose. Throw away the watch for all but a few key sessions. Sprinting well is fun and natural.

I saw that "Sanya" workout and was frankly a bit appalled. Way too intense. It is quite likely you are still suffering from the aftereffects. Been there don that got the injuries and burnout.

On last suggestion is multi-pace training, mainly in the form of sessions geared to 800m/600/400/200/100 performance to thoroughly "bracket" the qualities needed for performance in your primary event. Two weeks out from a goal race I would train like a 100/200 guy to bring about proper recovery and sharpness. 16 weeks ago would look more like a (somewhat lazy and talented) 800/1500 guy.

Lucho said...

Awesome BB! Your feedback is greatly appreciated and I think spot on.
One of my problems is moving from focusing on Ironman and 100 mile runs to this. I've alluded to the idea that with distance running a certain level of fatigue is good and required but I'm finding with sprinting it isn't. My mindset leans towards more is better and cutting anything I plan by 40% sounds like a great idea. Just to self govern myself a little.
For sure the Sanya workout was a mistake. That was my "A" race for the year basically.
The bracketing idea is good too. Basic periodization really and I thought that's what I was trying to do. In the final 10 weeks I had planned to just do two sessions. One speed endurance (split 400) and one speed workout with flying 60's. The Sanya workout was a flyer that I was too tempted by :)
For the next several months my plan is to train like a 100/200 guy just to develop my critical speed. My PR (in time trials) in the 200 is 26" which is horrible. I'd like to approach 50" in the 400 before I turn 50 (in 4 years) and my speed is my #1 weakness.
Thank you again BB!

BB said...

You've done great your first season at this; stay injury-free and you can be on perfect pace to peak in 4 years. The major element of your distance backround that can serve you well is being PATIENT and building gradual layers that reinforce each other. Also, think back on the really fun long runs you might have had in the past and seek that same playful, relaxed "zone" state with the speed. Speed fartleks are now my favorite session, run on the track, small hills, declines, etc..

Even if you don't achieve your 50-second goal, if you do it right it won't matter, because a healthy relaxed 53 or whatever is a pretty awesome thing. When I ran my 55.9(1.3 sec PR and over 2 seconds faster than in college) it caught me by surprise and I was beside myself with elation. Of course I quickly targeted for faster but it never happened, but I look back on that race as a gift to my life as a runner of many dimensions. I have deep gratitude for every healthy step I have run as a masters runner.

Personally, I had running "60 at 60" in the back of my mind going into this season, but it now is "65 at 65" ;)

Lucho said...

Thanks BB. God reminders for me. 65 at 65 would be stout for sure!