Friday, August 18, 2017

Track meet #3. 400 in 58".

    Last night was my third 400 meter race. I went 58" in my first, 56" in my second, and last night went 58". I had really thought 55" would have been a bad result so I guess last night was horrible :)
     I have some thoughts kicking around as to what happened that I'll get to in another post but cramping was #1. I cramped a couple of times on Wednesday and could feel the beginnings of cramps several times. Then last night as I was getting set in the blocks I looked up and the muscles in the back of my neck seized. Not a good way to start. I stayed super relaxed through the 200 splitting just 27" which is well within my fitness. I started pushing the third turn and passed the first place guy and was cruising really well! 55" was possible at that point. Then coming off the fourth turn both hamstrings seized, then my glutes, then my hips (TFL specifically) and I almost fell on my face. I completely pulled up and just tried to keep my legs under me. I figure I lost ~3" in the last 60 meters or so.
     After the race my hamstrings stayed locked up and I finally was able to get them to release about 10 minutes later.
     And that's that. Onward.


Christian D. said...

Sorry to hear things didn't go well. Win some lose long as you learned something..which I'm sure you did!

When's next race?

Lucho said...

Thanks Christian! I didn't pick the 400 because I thought it'd be easy :) so I expect and look forward to the struggle. With cramps I think it's tough to learn from it, besides that they suck. Which I already knew. I know it was just an off day.
Next race is regional championships on September 3rd.