Saturday, June 24, 2017

Track. Nailed it.

The workout:
        3 X (200/ 100) All 4 point starts.
Results:  28.6/ 13.8
               26.7/ 13.8
               26.6/ 14.3

   I rested 60 seconds between the 200 and 100. The loading only peaked in that time and my legs began to tighten up, which is the point of the short recovery. My last 100 in 14.3 felt as hard as finishing a 400 race. Very tough to stay relaxed and keep form. It helps to focus on bringing my knees up and lifting my recovery foot over my opposite knee. Think bicycling type movement or revolutions. Another concept I've been working on is not pointing my toes on the recovery and foot plant and making sure my feet/ ankles are dorsiflexed in those phases. This ensures less braking and lessens the load on my hamstrings.

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