Friday, June 23, 2017

One of those days

     I woke up feeling much better but still not positive I would be able to hit the goal splits for today's track session. Legs a little heavy and hamstring tight. My left knee has been achy the last couple of days. I'm fairly certain I pissed it off doing plyos.
     I headed down the mountain in maybe the heaviest fog I've seen up here yet. Visibility was no more than a few feet. Half way down it started pouring rain and it was 50 degrees. All that added up to make it easy decision to turn around and bag it. Ultimately it was a good call. I'll give the knee and legs an extra day and hit it tomorrow.
 It's currently 48 degrees and foggy which is my favorite running weather! I wouldn't be surprised if we dipped into the 30s tomorrow morning.  

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