Sunday, June 25, 2017


     After the track yesterday we drove up into the higher country and camped on the Arkansas River. We hiked for over two hours which was perfect recovery and I woke up today feeling great. I can't sleep at home but on the ground next to a roaring river I sleep like I wish I always could.  
     I've been mulling over where I want to place my energy or focus for the remainder of this summer. My "A" race (and last outdoor race of this year) is in 9 weeks. I'm 100% sure that lifting weights is something that can't be neglected as a masters runner in ANY distance but it definitely detracts from performing quality sessions. So, with 9 weeks I think I'm going to stop lifting and replace it with one hill session per week and keep the plyo sets. Then after August I'll resume the strength focus. The best thing about all of this ruminating is just that, I'm thinking months ahead about my running which means it's going to stick. I am positive that next summer I'll make even more gains. More experience, more strength and fitness, more skill and technique.
     The indoor track season begins in Colorado on December 6th and indoor was easily my favorite in college. It looks like there'll be about 7 indoor meets over the winter.

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