Monday, February 22, 2016


The GoPro lost a majority of the colors in the sunrise... it was spectacular. It was a full moon last night so I got out before the sun to try to catch the moon setting over The Divide. Got up high and saw that the clouds were coming in for our next round of snow so I missed it.
 Last week saw 9 rides with ~18k of climbing. I definitely feel the "new" crankset (it's an old Dura-ace set that I used back in 2000). I switched from a compact/ 172.5/ 34t set-up to a standard/ 175/ 39t. The larger small ring means I'm working ~12% harder and it's definitely noticeable, particularly on grades over 10%, there is no easy effort.
 This morning, chilly at 20 degrees, was 14 miles with 2600ft of climbing and I'll get out again later today and spin around in front of the storm that's building.
 I'm toying with the idea of trying to get 45,000ft of climbing the week of my 45th birthday so I'm sort of working towards that.

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