Friday, February 19, 2016

Tabata/ Vo2/ hard.

 Ran ~5 miles first thing this morning, strict MAF so I walked some climbs. Then did a solid-ish leg lift in The Shed (video coming). Dead lifts, squats, calf raises. 40 total reps on each with descending reps. I usually do 12/10/8/6/4 reps with increasing weight and make the last 2 sets a struggle. Then I jumped on the bike. 10 miles with 1800ft of climbing (yep, Bacon Strip) with 10 X 30" best efforts on 30" as easy as I could. This was all uphill so the "easy" wasn't so much. This week I also switched from my 172.5mm compact cranks back to my 175mm standard crankset. So my small ring went from a 34 to a 39, or about a 12% increase. I feel it for sure but I'm finally strong enough to spin it on all but a few climbs. And those climbs I couldn't spin the 34 anyway.
 Mom said she's sorry for the wind... haven't heard back from Gopro.


Stu said...

MAF on run but not on bike. How do your lungs differentiate?

Lucho said...

Lungs are no problem, it's my legs. I'm keeping the run at MAF because I'm training hard on the bike and am quite fatigued. I'm not fit enough to burn that candle at both ends... yet.

Levente Dorogi said...

Get a Freckin' helmet man ! You got kids and family and riding on icy roads ? Arggghhhhhh
Lucho, come on, get that helmet going on !

Lucho said...

Ya ya ya, I know. I'm almost always on roads with zero traffic so I'm never concerned. Lame, I know. I've been hit by cars 7 times and to the hospital 4 times from running. Only once (in 30 years) from cycling. I worry more about running without a helmet :)
Thanks Levente