Sunday, May 19, 2013

One year ago this week + weak week in review.

Last years training log. 6 weeks before the start of Leadman.
100 miles run
2 hours biking
21900ft of climbing.
Tuesday- 21 mile day with a 12 mile run, 2200ft of vertical averaging 7:45 pace and HR 140. Very solid.

Wednesday- 30 mile run with 6500ft of vertical on Walker Ranch. Averaged ~1:16 per lap.

Friday- 18 miles running. Super solid day that had Vo2 max efforts on the bike and finished with a baby jogger run with 1300ft of climbing. And I added 20 pounds to the already 100+ pounds.

Sunday- 10 miles with 10 X 1:00 hard/ 1:00 easy. 7:30 average pace/ HR 140.
 This is the identical run that George Zack and Bob Sweeney and I ran on Thursday.

One of the better run weeks I had last year. Everything clicked and the quality days were very good quality.

 I'm posting this partly for people to see what I did to prepare for Mt Evans and Leadman, partly because my fragile and giant ego needs a pat on the back and part motivation for myself. Although seeing weeks like this are almost deflating.

This past week.
I had set a goal of 30 miles of jogging, and I got it by Thursday so in order to hit my goal I've rested since  Thursday. How's that for doing the minimum? It turned out however that taking 3 days off from jogging was actually the smart thing to do after I got obliterated on a hard workout with George Zack and Bob. We did 10 miles in 1:26  with ~1800ft of climbing that included 10 X 1:00 hard/ 1:00 easy up a 2.5 mile climb to 9200ft altitude. I averaged 8:55 pace with an average HR of 165/ max HR 184. Got severely dropped on every interval and threw up 3 separate times. For reference, I did this identical session last year (see previous  paragraph), nearly this same week, and ran it in 1:15/ 7:30 pace with an average HR of 140. And I've also run this same route in 1:06/ 6:36 pace with an average HR of 155. Ugh.
 On Friday I was wasted. Saturday I was really wasted due to my 48 hour lag in fatigue. And today I'm just lazy. The workout was difficult enough that 3 days off is fine and good at this point.

 It feels awesome to get back on a bit of jogging. I'll be happy to hit 30 miles again next week.


P. said...

ah, good. here's why i'll wake up tomorrow in the dark and jog in the rain before going to work.

much obliged.

Footfeathers said...

I ran 26 miles this week. yikes.

GZ said...

That HR and pace is deceiving - both from this past session and the historical ones. I know when you did the 7:30, 140, you were probably doing sub six on the down with a HR no higher than 130.

And what drives me a little batty is that in a few weeks you will be blowing by me (I heard some of that on number 9).

Lucho said...

Correct, when I'm fit HR drops quick. On Thursday when I was sitting in the road waiting for you guys it didn't drop below 140... and I was sitting for over a minute.

Stay Vertical said...

Hey Coach...let's see another weekly jogging update. We all need the inspiration.

Lucho said...

Vert- After seeing your training I doubt (know) that what I'm doing will be little inspiration. Mostly camping, fishing and spending time with my boys for me this week.

Stay Vertical said...

I'll tell you what's inspiring..."Rocky" is inspiring. A guy with heart, who decides to pull himself up from nothing and be his best. Those scenes where he limps out into the dark street in his sweats and can barely jog without passing out. That's what gets me. Please assemble a training montage of you gasping at 10 minute miles, leading up to you sprinting up Hope Pass with arms raised.

Quick question- are those 5k MAF test/race pace predictor charts from Maffetone accurate? I did a MAF test today on a track and then looked at the chart and it says I can run a 5k faster than I think I can.