Monday, May 13, 2013

One year ago this week

 Solid week of running. I was gearing up for The Mt Evans Ascent and the Leadville Marathon. I'm currently coaching 6 Leadman/ Leadwomen and I've told them all that the bike needs to take a back seat right now and my own schedule reflects this. I felt that the bike training had to pretty much be over and done with at this point.
84 miles running/ 2:35 total biking. 17855ft vertical gain.
Monday was solid with 3 sessions finishing with the babyjogger. And red pen denotes quality or something positive. The babyjogger (~100+ pounds) is just brutally difficult up here at altitude with vertical.

Tuesday was 18 miles running.

Wednesday was my 4 Crosses hill which climbs over 800ft in 3/4 of a mile. I did it twice and negative split the two. I ran them as tempo effort or about Evans/ marathon effort.

Friday was 12 miles with 2000ft of vertical averaging 8:10 pace with an average HR of 139. Solid!

Saturday was an 18 mile tempo run averaging 6:24 pace (Garmin had it at 1700ft of vertical but that's high) and it felt quite easy and relaxed. This session showed me that I was nearly ready to crush Leadville.

 This morning was 6 miles in 1:01:39. 10:16 pace with average HR 147. 957 feet of vertical.


P. said...

i'm psyched to see that you also use words like "lame" and "rain" as the only additional notes in your training log. i occasionally use the words "shit" or "slog" ...but in the end, that's it.

negative energy has it's drawbacks, but in the's still energy.

some people mix their alcohol with other types of the end, the drink is still alcohol.

and thank god for that.

Lucho said...

Ya, I try use negative energy to make something positive or to change a situation I don't like. Negativity is also just our perception which is a choice.
"some people mix their alcohol with other types of the end, the drink is still alcohol." Chapter I- Verse I of the book of P.