Sunday, October 23, 2011

Sunday long run in the neighborhood in pics

 I didn't carry my handgun for this run unlike most "stupid yankees" who "are obsessed with guns." Sweet comments from someone on yesterday's post which originally was about a handgun I want.
  I ran from home today with a weighted pack. 4 bags of sand and a liter of water got me to ~10 pounds. For Leadville next year I need to be accustomed to the weight, not that I'll carry 10 pounds in the race though.

Heading up Crescent Mountain. About 900ft of gain in the first mile.  

My house is just left of center in this pic

Starr Peak to the left

Pikes Peak and the front range foothills

Looking down my canyon. Not hard to find hills here. 

My neighborhood

Blue Mountain. I did a point to point "run" up this from my house a couple years ago. Since then I've found trails to the top. This is in the Coal Creek (or Jeffco) Mountain Park. 


Michelle Simmons said...

Beautiful! Big blue sky! So different from what I ran this morning. I should have brought a camera... though pictures never really do the scenery justice. Mine would have shown more of a tropical jungle scene with raging waterfalls and double rainbows. :)

I didn't bring a gun either but unfortunately maybe accidentally brought the 10 extra lbs. Time to stop eating like I'm Ironman training.

Lucho said...

Ya, we live in polar opposites almost. I miss the tropics for sure! Definitely bring the camera on more runs!
10lbs... ouch!?

Rick said...

Funny - Yankee is, I believe, a term referring to people from the northeast or new england. Perhaps he was too afraid to call you a cowboy, or pigboy ;-).
Great run and photos, Tim.

Anonymous said...

Awesome pictures. What camera do you use and how well does it hold up on your back country runs?

I'm disappointed I missed the gun post, but the comments were quite amusing. I don't understand why people feel the need to get so personal.
Living in a city, the only reason for people to buy a gun is to protect themselves from people who already own guns.


Lucho said...

Rick- Ha! Thanks my friend. Good point. I'm an effed up hill billy-cowboy-pig farmer-ultrarunner-triathlete hybrid.

J-Ray- you didn't miss much. I simply posted a picture of a handgun that I am e-baying bike parts to buy. It ruffled a few chicken feathers with an anonymous (German?) poster. It was funny and I kind of hope he/ she visits again. It's good entertainment and more interesting than comments about a simple run! So if you're out there anon-American-hater... please give us some more adorable and fun comments!
I use a Canon Power Shot SD1300 IS digital Elph. Tons of settings and very versatile. It's small too which is ideal. I think Olympus makes a really bomb proof, shock and water resistant point and shoot that looks good too but it's a bit pricier. As long as I'm careful with the Canon it's a very good run camera. It has held up very well and I use an Ultimate Hydration clip-on pocket to carry it in.

Brandon Fuller said...

Backpack? With weights? Guns? Wilderness runs? I am thinking it would be a great use of your talent to be some sort of drug runner through the Mexican border region.

Lucho said...

B- Been there done that. Now-a-days it's all hoity-toity with the swallowing of things and airports. The good old days of just muling on foot are lost.

Anonymous said...

it's always nice stopping by your blog! btw, i like stupid yankees obsessed with guns. they make good neighbors!

Lucho said...

d- I agree. One of my neighbors tests ammunition for the Denver SWAT and he's pretty vigilant in the neighborhood watch. Partly why our crime rate up here is close to ZERO!