Monday, October 24, 2011


  I did podcast #2 for Endurance Planet today. It's already up and running. 8 solid questions with a little minimalist shoe talk which is probably going to get me in to trouble. I feel pressed when answering the questions and I don't think I convey my thoughts perfectly. I don't think quickly on my feet. I also talk too much about myself rather than answering the question. Rookie.
 We're supposed to get 12 inches of snow tomorrow with another 6 on Wednesday!!! Finally! I'm super excited for some weather to make things interesting.


Rob Timko said...

Great podcast. Thanks for answering my question! A little follow up: How often should I be doing hill repeats/hill work and where should they fall in my week? Thanks

mtnrunner2 said...

Nah, that was good and informative. You answered the barefoot question like I usually do: go easy! Honestly I consider stuff like Five Fingers to be a training or conditioning tool, even though I know some people totally switch over.

I was wondering about GZ's question myself, and hadn't really considered efficiency.

Brett said...

I'm going to stop reading your preface on this blog before listening to your podcast. I didn't get the sense you were talking about yourself at all! Some great questions on that one...

Lucho said...

Thanks guys.

Rob- One of the biggest mistakes we make is to go in to our key sessions too fatigued to 'perform' well. With a long easy run it's acceptable and IMO even preferred. But with a session that targets power you need to be rested enough to get full muscle activation. So, I would try to do something like this:
T. RUN-hill work 6 X 1:00 building to maximum effort on each.
Th. RUN- medium long run with progression
Sa. RUN- Long hill repeats of ~3:00-5:00 or hill fartlek/ tempo
Su. Run-long endurance (MAF/Z2)

mtnrunner2- Thanks. I think the minimalist (Vibrams specifically) idea is good, but like you I think of it more as a tool or drill that develops lower leg strength and better economy. I also like the idea of just wearing a racing flat over a something like the Vibrams. To each his own though. If it works for you and you like them then go for it.

Brett- Thanks man. They were very good questions. I hope people keep them coming!

Dax said...

Great info. Thanks for doing the podcasts, I really enjoy listening to them.