Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Wednesday bike

4:20- 57 miles with 8100ft of climbing. Average HR 136/ average speed 13.1 mph. Pretty easy effort day just trying to hit MAF HR as much as possible. The goal for the next 8 weeks is to never compromise consistency for volume. Just ride the edge of adaptation.

 The Silver Rush bike is 46.2 miles with 7382 feet elevation gain.

 The Leadville 100 bike is 103 miles with 12,612 ft of gain. That's somewhat flat really considering I've done a few 40 mile/ 10,000+ ft days up here. I have to average 11.4mph to get the big buckle. On paper it's always simple.


GZ said...

Okay ... so, just for fun ...

1.) I think you meant Silver Rush 50 was a run race - right? If so, I think you and Mr Andy H are the favorites (not that I have seen a start list). Maybe Duncan shows up too? Not sure.

2.) Is MAF different on a bike?

3.) Is MAF different at altitude?

Lucho said...

G- I'm doing the Silver Rush 50 bike and run. Saturday and Sunday. So although you're wrong, you're right in what I was saying about the course.
Who is Andy H? Andy Hampsten the pro cyclist!?

MAF is based on age and a number... 180, but I use lactate threshold to determine ranges. It depends on how you train. A cyclist can have a higher LT on the bike than the run.

Yes. Oxygen and muscle activation both play a big part in HR and metabolism.

GZ said...

There has to be a list somewhere of that combined time for the Silver Rush.

Andy Henishaw.

Lucho said...

He doesn't list Silver Rush on his blog's race schedule.

I e-mailed the race "organization" (oxymoron)and no one knew the fastest time for Silver King. So although they recognize the winner, time isn't a concern.