Friday, June 24, 2011

Weekend races

 It's going to be another brutal weekend for me. Scott is racing Western States, Josh is racing an Olympic Tri and Michelle is racing Ironman Coeur d'Alene (the water temperature is 55 degrees today, I don't miss those 2.4 miles). I have much less stress with Michelle though as she already has her Ironman Hawaii spot. I have to avoid sitting at the computer constantly refreshing my browser... the updates are never frequent enough. Luckily Ironman and WS have pretty good web-casts and you can track an athlete reasonably well. I should make it to Monday with a few fingernails intact.
 Have a great day guys!


Steve said...

Meg and I have a friend doing the IM and one at WS100. It's gonna be fun tracking everyone. Hope the training is going well.


Lucho said...

Awesome Steve! I love the suspense of waiting for updates and "being with" the athletes for the race. Best wishes to your friends (unless one of them is in Michelle's age group :))

Steve said...

You're guy is holding his own. Go Scott! Our guy David Easa is not checking in after Devils Thumb....EEEKKK! Hope he's ok.