Monday, June 20, 2011

$1000 lunch

My wife had a luncheon with a few friends today and there were 6 rambunctious kids tearing around. They tried to trap Ben's cat, Wall-E, in a room and caught his tail in the door de-gloving (basically skinning) a good portion of it. There were several inches of vertebrae sticking out of his fluffy tail. Below is a pic of his bandaged appendage. He has surgery tomorrow morning (he's sitting by the food bowl because he is on a fast before) which is going to cost us close to a grand. I worked in hog 'production' growing up and we used to cut the tails (and teeth) off of baby pigs with wire cutters and today I actually took out a pair ready to just snip off his tail. It's tougher with my son's beloved friend than it was with a pig that was going to be on dinner table in 3 months. Wall-E sleeps with Ben and they nap together. My elbow cost me $220 and I was reluctant to buck up for that... but seeing Benny so worried about Wall-E it was a simple decision.
 Liv and I hung out while Ben took Wall-E to the vet.

Serious about the juice pack

That's some good juice! 


mtnrunner2 said...

Ahh! Sorry to hear it, for you and the kitty. Didn't they have bandages in blue for guy cats?

Wonder if he will have to wear the Cone of Shame? As you know, cats walk really close to stuff as they walk by, so with the cone, they are walking along and then "Bonk!" they get stuck and have to back up like a Roomba and try again. At least you get that entertainment for your money.

Lucho said...

Thanks man. He'll be fine. He's a he, but since we were in Boulder pink can go either way.

Damie said...

oh yes. easy to say what you would and would not do for your animal until it happens. I was a student and used my school loan money to pay over $1500 for Presley's intestine surgery after he swallowed a string years ago. In the end, it is only money- the only value being in how you choose to use it. I know it does sting, though. BTW- can do without the maiming animal stories. I know that was your job, but SHEESH!!!!!

Lucho said...

Damie- Ya, I'm definitely not proud of the hog experience. It was pretty awful but I didn't realize that until years later. Grew up around a lot of stuff like that so it was was it was, I thought it was OK to do it. Ugh.