Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Wednesday bike hill intervals

Currently on Evans- "40 and breezy"

I headed out this morning to loosen up on the bike and put in a few hard efforts to lactate threshold. I don't want to stress myself too much so I did this on the bike rather than the run. After 2 hours and 3000ft of climbing my legs feel good.


ej said...

hey tim, what was the name of that writer guy you have posted about several times, writes book that you love and has a cool blog site? since i am out of running commision i have some time on my hands to read and was wondering. anyway, hope you race well at evans. catch you later.

Lucho said...


Steven Barnes.

I'm assuming that's who you're asking about. He's about the only author I like outside of Stan Lee. I'm not a reader, can't sit still that long. But in your case not much choice!

ej said...

yes that is it!!! thanks! yeah, not much choice, but i do like to read in small spurts.