Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Tuesday Tempo mile repeats + some randomness

4 X 1 mile at tempo effort. I ran by feel (but recorded HR) and kept the effort relaxed and fast. I dipped below 8000ft altitude only a couple of times.
Splits and average HR (my lactate threshold HR is ~175-176 right now)
5:47 HR 162 (lots of downhill)
5:56 HR 164
5:35 HR 166
6:00 HR 169
 The original plan was to rest 1:00 between these but it was 16 degrees and windy and I froze on the first rest interval so I cut the next two to 11" and 22". A picture of the course profile is below, it's the absolute flattest course I have. I wouldn't call that hilly (it looks worse on the profile than it actually is) as it only had 435 feet of climbing in the 4 miles. Overall PE was marathon effort down to 1/2 marathon effort but the Governor joined me for the last 200 meters which finished up a pretty steep hill... he had some pretty convincing ideas as to how to finish but I was able to politely tell him to piss off.

And on my cool-down home I found this sticking out of the ground. It's almost perfectly round and I think is carved from marble or some kind of stone.


Anonymous said...

i caught the article on norlander and engle this past weekend. there are definitely dickheads at the irs who should be focusing on big fish like mozilo and 21 months seemed pretty severe until i read engle's blog. not a bad gig to get fit and fed every day by tax payers while serving prison time. our system is so effed up.

Lucho said...

Agreed. Hell, I punish myself more every day than most of those guys.

Rick said...

Hey, there it is!
All this time I thought my wife took it and hid it on me.
But I guess I lost one of my balls last year when I was running on your neighborhood dirt roads.

Lucho said...

Maybe... it is pretty small.

I think it's a ceramic loose ball bearing.

Rick said...

Yea, it was the small one that I lost - I'll get it back after Evans, I don't want to diss my rhythm.
Nice reps today.

Lucho said...

After Evans? Cool. Can I use at Evans then?
I'll be at sea level this weekend doing a track session of 8 X 1000 (my all time favorite) and then a 16 mile flat time trial at best effort. Can't wait to see how the drop in 8000ft feels. I haven't trained this hard since I moved to altitude so it will be my first real test.

Brett said...

Anon, while I agree the IRS should focus on more important things, Charlie was proven in a court of law to have broken the law. I don't believe Mozilo was ever proven to have broken a law. I could be wrong. My guess is there are thousands of other Charlies out there too who never got caught. Life is not fair.

Lucho said...

Brett- I had posted Charlie's "day in the life" while in prison... it's a joke. He goes to "work" and reads, writes, listens to NPR and runs up to 3 times a day with 3 square meals. The dude has an easier life than anyone I know. Life ain't fair is right.

GZ said...

Yeah - when I saw that Engle was twitter posting, I was starting to wonder what prison is really about.

Rick said...

Sure, you can use it for Evans, and I'll get it back after. I'm going with one ball on Evans, research done between 1999-2005 shows one ball is better than 2.
Good stuff for the weekend. I need to get going on some of the faster work myself.

Lucho said...

Rick- Ha! Nice. I still love LA even with all the hoopla and accusations.

G- Twitter should be a crime in itself.