Sunday, March 27, 2011

Sunday week total 40,098 ft of climbing.

My daily additions in my log book left me with 40,098 ft of total gain (over 30,000ft of climbing all above 8000ft altitude) The altimeter's total accumulation is affected by any movement but I tried to leave it stationary as much as possible outside of running and biking.
70 miles of running with 13,000 ft of climbing/ averaged 8:32 pace per mile. And 22 hours total training for the week.

This week was a bike (and vertical) focus. Next week is a running focus with 3 hard runs and 2 medium duration tempo sessions on the bike. One track session and long tempo run (16 miles) will be at sea level so I'm kind of excited for that.

I just found out tonight that the Leadville Silver Rush 50 mile bike starts with a 200 meter run up a super steep slope before you are able to get on your bike... super sweet. I was a bit worried about sorting out places in the opening miles with several hundred other riders, but now hopefully I'll be able to hit the top close to the lead.


Rick said...

70 miles and 13,000' vert of running was a bike focus week? Damn, I can't wait to see what you do this week when it's running focused.
I'm going for 20,000' this week, but I'll be averageing 10:00-11:00 miles ;-)

Lucho said...

The mileage won't change much, and in fact will drop (I'll have ~10 hours of cycling still though), but mileage is only one (mild) stimulus. I averaged 8:30 pace which was just mostly jogging at MAF HR, quite easy. The run week will be focused around 3 hard quality sessions. If I nail those 3 with just 40 total miles then I'll get more out of the week than just running higher mileage at a moderate pace. Another thing about this week was that I had over 30,000ft of climbing all above 8000ft altitude.

GZ said...

So what is the current Pb Trail 100 run thinking?

Lucho said...

No thoughts what so ever.