Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The race I should have run...

American Zofingen.
 It's full now and only accepting entry with a $500 donation to the park. There is $500 first place prize money though....

5 mile trail run
84 mile road bike
15 mile trail run

 Here are the course profiles.


Dave said...

Dude you would LOVE this race! I did it in '09 (or maybe '08?) and loved ever second of it! I got hit by a car on my bike the week of the race and STILL loved it even though I was all banged up.

The bike has some great views and the run is all trails with some gnarly roots and rocks and some sections I found myself "clawing up" on all fours. Brutal fun!

I'm definitely going to look into signing up again (depending on what country I'm living in!). It's got a great 'small race' feel, complete with Beer Steins as awards (still use mine daily!) and kegs and chili at the end.

I think there are still some guys that do Irish Car Bombs in transition as well... :) Can't say enough good stuff about this race! I love it!

Lucho said...

Powerman Zofingen has always been on my bucket list. Benny Vansteelant (possibly the most genetically gifted endurance athlete of all time) and Olivier Bernhard were both Gods to me.
Switzerland is out of my price range but NY might be doable someday.

Dave said...

You would absolutely destroy this race Tim. I did the long course as a naive 19 year-old (hardest race of my life), then the short course the next year (big win in the pansy race). The run is right up your alley--climbs on steep trails, descents on gradual carriage roads (as we all know, the first run is all that matters in a duathlon....maybe). The bike has 2 big climbs per lap, but is still pretty fast. And the atmosphere is f**king awesome. Tons of beer, food, and good people.

I bet a quick email to the RD (John McGovern) could get you in without the donation if you are still interested. I mean, you have a huge following, and he is a really cool guy.

it's all about pace said...

it's on my "to do" list as well. for a pitiful swimmer who likes to go long... it's right up my alley