Monday, March 14, 2011

Monday run in pictures + 4 Crosses FKT

Having coffee looking out at the 4 Crosses Peak. I need to wash the windows! 
Looking up from the base
Cross #1
Cross #2
Cross #3
Cross #4 and the finish
I ran up to the ridge and took a few pictures. Maybe my favorite shot yet of El Dorado
Looking back down at my house
Pikes Peak
Longs Peak
Indian Peaks
Towards the top the trail gets technical and steep(er)
Freaky burl on a burnt tree
Profile. The first lap up was warm-up and pictures... the second lap was at threshold HR 165-175.

I ran the second lap in 14:07 on very fatigued legs which was a 3 minute PR for me I think. Here's how the climb compares to Sanitas.

Elevation 5520 to 6863 feet. ~1300ft total in 1.4 miles. 17.5% average grade.

4 Crosses-  
Elevation 7540 to 8410 feet. ~900ft total in .75 miles. 22.7% average grade. 

 Just working the numbers a bit.


Dave said...

Doing Sanitas together was a bad way to officially meet, because my dry heaving/projectile drooling was probably unimpressive.

That looks like an incredible climb, can't wait to explore the area in May! Also, elevation profile = boobs.

/written while delirious in Contracts class

it's all about pace said...

nice numbers... thanks for the pictorial

Lucho said...

Dave- You crushed me (and my dreams... which is of course your major talent) on Sanitas that day! I thought the profile looked like a howling wolf sort of.

iaap- Thank you and you're welcome.

Dave said...

I think everyone needs to know that you were coming off one of those 3-day training cycles that makes me tired just to think about. So you were not recovered and were still breathing down my neck. As I was telling my girlfriend (checking your blog is a nightly ritual), you are amazing.

Hope everything with Oliver, Ben, and Mrs. Joghard is awesome!

Lucho said...

Can't wait to run with you again in May! The family is doing awesome as always, thanks!

Rick said...

Nice to see how much respect Dave has for a guy that's been around the block a few times. But, Dave, you are just killing it in NC! I think you should head up to Asheville in a few weeks for the Dupont 12k and give the locals a little run for their money...

Lucho said...

Dave should head up to Ashville and TAKE their money. And crush some dreams of course.

Rick said...

I know the area, nice trails, but not the exact course, not sure how much up/down.
'09 the winner went 41:?? and '10 it was 44:??. All depends on who shows up this year. Dave could take the money and run or if word gets out that he coming, the hammers might show up!!

Kona Shelley said...

Dang those pics are beautiful!

Lucho said...

Rick- When you come out in June we'll have to "run" 4 Crosses for recovery after. With out any downhill in the race I think we'll feel pretty OK. I do want to try to organize a BBQ maybe for that Sunday after the race. We could do a group run and then grill and drink some good IPA? I'll put in an order to GZ. Dave, you should run Evans!?

Thanks Shelley! I am happy we decided to move up here... those pics are of my neighborhood, pretty nice.

Rick said...

I couldn't think of a better way to spend Sunday after Evans, 4 Crosses TT and IPA!

Lucho said...

Maybe I'll go up before and stash a beer at each cross?

Rick said...

Now we're talkin'! Make sure they're cans. I have a chance at winning this TT. Bring on Nick C. for this one. I will taech him a lesson in the transition area!

Dave said...

Rick's coming out in June? Awesome! I think I'll catch the recovery 4 crosses day, because Evans is everything I am bad at with running (more specifically, most things) rolled up into one. Maybe I'll be be better with long climbs after becoming a runner in September, but seeing Tim during a Walker Ranch jog last July retroactively crushes all future hill climb dreams.

Rick, I think I will be trying a fast 5k that weekend (did mile repeats with Duke's track team today--so much fun). Thanks for the heads up, my racing plan is to keep going to events where I can set course records (so primarily Middle School Field Days and Biggest Loser marathons).

P. said...

i have now added this climb to my bucket list of places to run. thank you very kindly.

Lucho said...

P- Shit man, swing by anytime. We have a spare bedroom a lots of good running and beer.

GZ said...

I will get a batch going here post Spring Break.

Rick said...

Dave - looking forward to that 5k PR/CR race reort!