Sunday, March 13, 2011

Sunday baby jogger. 27,700 vertical for the week.

 Things didn't line up as I had planned today and in order to get a run I used the baby jogger. 1:40 and the effort was easily worth 3000 ft of climbing, but the altimeter wouldn't by it and read 1600ft of vertical. So I'm at 27,700ft of climbing for the week. I think I would prefer to spend the rest of my already low energy today on my sons and wife rather than force another 2300ft of climbing.
 Next week is a big work week for my wife so it will be a run focus week for me as I can headlamp it in the mornings and do the baby jogger in the afternoons. Then the following week, weather permitting, will be a shot at 40,000 feet of vertical.


P. said...

dude. bummer. but next week is another week.

ok ramblers, let's get rambling.

Lucho said...

Thanks P. Damn I loved From Dusk Til Dawn...

Wyatt Hornsby said...

Lucho: Is there a place on your blog where you have your 2011 schedule? Are you returning to the Leadville 100? Also, I'd love to hear your thoughts on Jemez. I'm doing Jemez for the first time (read your horrifying report from 2010) and will also return for my second Leadville 100 (and second Leadville Marathon).


Lucho said...

Hey Wyatt- My race schedules are always very tentative. But I'm doing Mt. Evans Ascent
Silver Rush 50 bike
Silver Rush 50 run
Leadville 100 bike

No Leadville run for me, it filled before I could decide but I'm glad it did as that decided it for me.

Looking back on Jemez it was awesome, but my mind wasn't ready for it. That was only my 4th trail ultra coming from a road background and it just crushed me mentally. It was entirely mental for me and I learned a lot. Leadville was my 5th ultra which shows that I did make the mental adjustment(I actually ran less for Leadville.) The main thing with Jemez is the off trail running you do, like through a grass field full of softball sized clumps of grass and horrible pitted footing and also up the face of a hill off trail on rock scree and fallen trees. I also am not a good hiker and up some of the steepest climbs my lower back cramped.

wende said...

I think it's time to re-name the "baby" jogger. It's more like a reverse rickshaw these days--You are pushing Ben and Liv, right?

Lucho said...

Ha, ya I guess it is. As the boys grow I get stronger with them. Can you see us when Ben and Oliver are full grown. Squished in the baby jogger and my legs are gigantic.