Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Wednesday 6050ft of climbing

Ben made me a collage for Valentines Day, and it's the header pic. Easily the best wolf picture I've ever seen. He was so proud. Seriously... a black wolf running through the snow!? Awesome. 



I hit 47 mph on the descent (from 45:00-50:00) on my mountain bike today and also rode myself sick. The two big climbs above I held HR 161-171 (just a few ticks under LT) which, after the run, was brutal. Solid day just shy of 4 hours.

 I keep being amazed at Matt Hart's 100,000+ of vertical in 7 days (on freaking skis no less). I think those kinds of endeavors appeal to me more than killing a bunch of races. I am an admitted training junkie and 'anti-racer'. Back in the day (I'm an old has been now) I would put up solid training numbers but never truly raced well because of it. I've always enjoyed the journey more than anything. I keep breaking down the numbers to see what I might be able to put up for a big week of verticality. With two kids and being a stay at home dad though I can't train all day anymore. I do have a 1 mile 1300ft foot climb and the Powerline route in my back yard. Getting 14,286 ft per day though? I can certainly imagine doing it... and that's where every journey begins.


Dave said...

47mph! How was that on the 29er?

Lucho said...

Rigid fork and hard tail... or else I would have held back! I also have my tires pretty solid since I'm just on the roads right now. It was surprisingly stable. And FUN! I love that rush of knowing that if something happens you're fu<ked.

Brett said...

Speaking of forks, forking classic movie scene:

Rick said...

Matt Hart's 100,000' in one week is amazing and I'm not taking anything away from that, but he did have the "luxury" of skiing the 100,000' of descent. That's a huge difference for impact recovery. If someone was to run the 100,000' of vertical, I think the 100,000' of descent would be the the hardest part of the challenge.

Lucho said...

Also speed of descent. On my bike yesterday I was hitting ~30mph for 3-4 miles at a time. I was mapping some routes last night trying to see how one could get 14k per day running and it's just ridiculous. I would definitely incorporate the bike in to it just to save time.
14k per day would be like doing nearly half of Hardrock per day. Ain't happening for me! I hate hiking.

Anonymous said...

awesome masthead on your blog!

Lucho said...

Yes... yes it is. Thanks Donna!