Tuesday, February 15, 2011

9600 vertical in 2 days

Not bad for this kid, but it pales in comparison to this kid... 100,000 vertical in 7 days on skis. Wow. I think he's running Hardrock.

 Yesterday was a 22 mile jog and today was the same 22 but on my 29er (mountain bike). I have been attempting to big ring all of Gross Dam Road (the big climb at mile 14 below) and today I finally did it. Last week I faltered a couple of times and dropped to my small ring. The week before I did 1/2 mile big ring/ 1/2 mile small... today 44 X 18 was my highest gear. Pretty solid effort, like doing squats for 30:00. Here's the graph. 

4800ft of ascension

And this arrived in the mail today...
My lactate analyzer and Powertap ready to go. I'm pretty psyched!


P. said...

man! a buddy and i were following hart this week, too. lost his damn mind, he did. but it kinda got my brain working again, too. i don't have any good halfbaked plans on the burner.

if i ever stop yearning for those kind of home-grown adventures: i'm tossing out my running shoes, selling off my bike, snowboard and camping gear and using the proceeds to buy myself a pinewood box and a handful of nails, ya know?

here's to the kooks who put 2000 miles on their nikes or a 100,000 feet on their skis.

Lucho said...

Well said P! And if that happens to me I'll be buried next to you too... but my box will be all carbon fiber and titanium ;)
Hart's week was monstrous! Running 4800ft vert yesterday I was thinking about him SKIING ~10-14,000 every day. SICK! I would have to guess too that skiing is harder than running? Not sure though. If he runs Hardrock my $$ is on him for sure. That dude is nails.