Friday, February 18, 2011

Friday run in pictures

10 miles as usual but up a different mountain.

Steep road

The Divide just South of Nederland

Green Mt., South Boulder Peak and Bear

One of my favorite cabins

And a primitive shack which I also like

Looking down through Eldorado Canyon


GeorgiaSnail said...

That Eldorado Canyon photo is awesome!

it's all about pace said...

very nice... thanks for sharing. now I'm off to run through my scenic office park

Lucho said...

Gsnail- Ya, I love that view. The sun reflecting off of civilization.

IAAP- I used to do a ton of workouts in a business park where we lived before, they would plow the park really well and the roads were always dry. I loved it! Everything was like a maze and I would blast some great music and do my hard sessions there. Plus, now looking back, it was pancake flat which I miss.

Rick said...

The dirt roads where you live/train are the best, nothing technical and you have complete control over the effort - to some degree anyway. I love the trails, but wish I had the dirt roads to run on out my front door. I've seen some documentaries on the Kenyan tribes showing them walking out of a 1 room 'hut" in the morning onto some dirt roads. What a perfect way to run and think about whatever you want to think about.

Lucho said...

I completely agree. Dirt roads offer an opportunity to work pace, and climbing in my case. Too technical terrain limits this. But I have that close by also. I wish I had some flat terrain though.