Saturday, February 19, 2011

Saturday recovery jogging

 Yesterday sort of kicked my butt. It was the hardest run I did all week with the entire run done as a hill fartlek. Before I started I did a ~10:00 stretch cord warm-up which is basically plyometrics with a stretch cord attached to my ankles. This allows me to get more out of a 10 mile run by reducing my running warm-up time. I started out feeling loose and warm and by the 1/2 mile I was killing it. The route I ran yesterday has tons of rollers particularly at the top of The Col Du Wondervu. The hill fartlek runs are turning out to be my favorite workout as it allows a wide range of effort modulation by feel and it's also perfect for picture taking which were recovery intervals. On the long climbs I held what felt like HR 160-170, so somewhat comfortable and controlled and on the shorter climbs I maxed out and would launch in to a suicidal effort working on building power and true speed uphill. And then everything in between. 
 Today was easy jogging and exploring a few private roads. I ran down one road that had a sign for property for sale so I figured if I got stopped I would just say I was going to look at the property. The road dropped down to a jeep track above Walker and ended at the rail road tracks on Eldorado Mountain. Some amazing and pristine land back there!


GZ said...

True fartlek.

Your comment on the wanting of flat cracked me up a bit. We are both taking advantage of what is just outside our door ... and I want a hill or two.

What happened to the Scott F post?

Lucho said...

Yes, true fartlek. Undetermined distance or time or effort. Perfect.

I deleted the Scott F post partly unsure what people would think of my music choice and partly because I want to keep it to myself. 100% childish... and I hope I stay that way forever.