Sunday, February 13, 2011

No run in pictures and minimalist shoes

We had gusts of wind today that were ridiculous, I would guess maybe 80mph. So I bagged any exercise and we all went down to the big city. I needed a new running jacket so we went to Goodwill and I found what I needed. When we came home the wind had died and it was absolutely beautiful out! Maybe 60 with the sun reflecting off the snow, so we all went out and built a couple of snowmen and sledded. The bigger snowman (his name is The Gubna) couldn't hold his beer and started to get belligerent with the smaller one. Things got heated, things were said that maybe shouldn't have but in the end it was all good.  

 I think I have close to 2000 miles on a pair of 1st generation Nike Lunar Trainers (the ones on the right if I need to point that out). I heel strike a bit and the heels were worn down... so I took a razor blade and simply evened them out. On the left is a brand new pair. I bought both shoes on e-bay for $39.99 about 4 years ago and as the shoes became more and more worn I realized they simply became more comfortable. At this point the sole is so thin that I feel every rock and I have no intention of throwing them out. This is minimalist at it's finest. Minimal cost and (now) a minimalist sole. I think you are supposed to throw these away after 300 miles and then buy a new pair for $110 or else you'll get injured. Or something like that. It's not about balancing weaknesses or resting when you should... it's about buying new shoes.


Dave said...

But, but, but...the guy at the store says I need to buy a new pair of shoes after every run?:) Couldn't possibly be "listening" to your body!

The Gubna looks like a salty dog to me. It's the red eyes and tuquiose (sp?) scarf!

Lucho said...

The whole fight broke out because of the turquoise scarf!

Dave said...

Whenever I tell people that Joghard is the best blog out there, it is because of posts like this.

1. Great piece of running advice.
2. Awesome pics.
3. A snowman that is in touch with his fabulous side.

Hope the family is having a great winter in the mountains!

Lucho said...

Thanks Dave! Winter is hands down my favorite season and spending the day with the family is bliss.

Kevin said...

The shoe picture begs more questions: Like when do you, by you I mean Tim, declare a pair of shoes no good? I am sure that you were well meaning buying a pair of shoes on ebay 4 YEARS AGO, but could you spent that money on say, beer! I guess with 2000 miles on those shoes and a new pair in the box you are good for a while.

I get up to about 900 miles on shoes before I purchase replacements but am pretty sure I could be additional miles out of them. I agree that the 300 miles is marketing.

Thanks for the great post, I laughed at the snow man and questions about the shoes that poped in my head.

Lucho said...

Not sure I understand the question? I'll probably wear those Lunars until something catastrophic happens to them like a gun shot or an animal attack (and both of those could happen at the same time). The upper is split on the side a little bit but a little duct tape will fix that.
A good six pack of IPA is worth more to me than a new pair of shoes worth $5.00 being sold for $120.

Footfeathers said...

Lucho's $6 shoes he ran the first 60 miles of Leadville in met their end when they broke in half while tugging on a lace at Twin Lakes. All the poor African kids return his shoe donations back to the US.

Lucho said...

That was pretty funny. They split out as I was changing to another pair. Perfect.