Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Wednesday 2:25 run

I met up with my newest athlete Scott for a run around White Ranch. 2:25 with 3560 ft of climbing in 13.5 miles. I felt better and better as we went along and finally found my legs somewhere around the time we started talking IPAs (I definitely consider the subject of IPA directly relevant to mountain running). Scott has a sick schedule coming up this season and I'm thrilled (and honored) that he has trusted me to help him. It's also a bit nerve wracking knowing his somewhat high profile results will be a gauge of my coaching abilities. But I definitely wouldn't have placed myself in his trust if I thought I couldn't help him get better. This will be fun.


GZ said...

First counsel to him ... get him to grow the beard and mo and keep it.

Matt said...

Word on the mt. running/ipa association. Drink up.

And I'm glad to see Scott Jurek has looked to you for guidance. It's about time.

Cheers, Tim.

Lucho said...

G- It's in the contract.

Matt- I'm on a hiatus from the alcohol... my IPA consumption was getting a little out of touch. Just a break to get my perspective back.
Jaime... not Jurek.


Brett said...


Scott is in great hands and you'll both do just fine. You are the endurance PhD without the pink panty snooty holier than thou attitude. (Not speaking to anybody specifically.)

What I mean to say (from experience) is that you bring the accountability, straight talk, 'every workout has a purpose', advanced physiology, big picture vision that is hard to find.

Lucho said...

Much appreciated Brett! I do have pink boxers though.

FastED said...

This IS going to be fun! I find myself looking forward to the next workout before the current one is over. That's a great, refreshed feeling to have.

Pink panties, IPA, and GZ's IPO (or whatever it is) - gets me giddy!

I am in good hands!