Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Tuesday 2011 race schedule

Am) 7 miles average HR 141. I was needing to push a little more than I wanted in order to keep my HR above 140. My first race isn't until June (despite assumptions about a 5k this weekend) and I feel already that I am too far ahead of schedule. My 'aerobic' fitness comes back in a matter of weeks and I always think I need 24 of them (because for Ironman you do). I almost should take another run break and just bike or else I'll burn out by May.

My schedule so far:
Mt Evans hill climb (run) June 18th

Silver Rush 50 mile bike Saturday July 16th
Silver Rush 50 mile run   Sunday July 17th

Leadville 100 bike August 13th dependent on lottery
Either Pikes Ascent (I had a dismal 2:41 marathon in 2008 that will qualify me) or Leadville 100 run August 20th

Fall marathon. Probably Denver which is still my PR of 2:30:45 after walking with hypothermia.


Kieran McCarthy said...

Ran Mt. Evans last year. Kinda sucked. All road race. Fairly heavy traffic during the race. And then as soon as you finish they start yelling at you to get off the mountain. It's the only race I've run in the last few years where I thought to myself, man, I am never doing this race again.

That said, it's good practice for the Ascent if that's the big goal race. Just don't expect any warmth, camaraderie or zen.

Lucho said...

Thanks. I'll try not to let those things affect me. That's Zen.

GZ said...

It is good to get off that mountain when done and get to where there is air.

Lucho said...

That's all in your head!

GZ said...

I want to impeach my central governor.

Lucho said...

The bastard is a tyrant.

Brett said...

...paraphrasing..."I think I will either do the Pikes Peak Ascent or maybe the Leadville 100."

In a couple weeks there is a nice local 5k here. I might do that, or instead I may run to the Mississippi River and back.


Lucho said...

Brett- Ha! Point taken. Pikes registration is 'mid March' so if I don't get in to Pikes then I may sign up for Leadville. And if I don't get in to either Leadville bike OR Pikes then I don't know what the hell I'll do. I've said that the only way I'll run Leadville 100 is if I can do the bike the week before. I'll probably just lay around and get fat.

GZ said...

If you go the Pikes route, consider the following:

1.) register "normally."
2.) do a competitive entry request - but only do that if you are sure you will do the race.

I think you ought to qualify for a competitive entry but they won't decide that until June, maybe July (depends on who requests them). It would get you refunded the entry fee. But if you get a competitive entry and then skip the race ... well, that ain't good.

Could you better assure a bike entry to Pb via the Leadman circuit?

Lucho said...

G- Thanks for the thoughts, I definitely want to hear more.
I have no interest in Leadman. Leadman is the marathon, EITHER the Silver Rush 50 run or bike, the 100 bike then the 10k run, then the 100 run.
A) No interest in the marathon.
B) I want to do BOTH the Silver Rush 50's.
C) No interest in the 10k.
D)I'm not sure I want to do the 100 run.
So I'll let the bike lottery sort it out for me.